You will discover 12 guys on a jury. The trial is just finishing when the movie begins as well as the jurors need to go into their deliberations to select a consensus. All of the jurors except for a single believe that the defendant can be guilty. The entire movie is about the jurors' deliberations and exactly how the different 11 jurors are trying to convince the 1 dissenting juror that the defendant is guilty while the you dissenting juror tries to influence the different 11 jurors that the defendant is not guilty. The movie is placed in 1957

Central Message:

There is more to the film than what meets the eye. Persons tend to ignore or assume things due to cultural stereotypes and or biases. People as well overlook significant issues as a result of desire to remain in the group.

Which means of the Film:

America and society often focus on ethnical biases instead of facts and common reasoning. This was required for the 1950's with racism towards blacks and is proceeds today and various other forms of racism, such as Arab racism. All over history we now have judges about cultural stereotypes instead of the details or dread and or the need to conform to the group. The mindset will help the audience understand the time period with the movie. It lets persons know in a not so simple way we should not only base our opinions upon people in stereotypes but who the person truly is definitely. In doze angry guys, the jurors thought that for the reason that boy would not come from the typical " nuclear family” that he was inheritantly negative.

Aspect to Background:

The movie allowed me to understand the normal mindset from the average fifties male. In addition, it more clearly defined the sexuality roles. There have been no girls present in the court viewed as well since no women jurors. I did however still find it interesting that there was a women's lavatory in the court room nevertheless no girls were there. The movie exemplified how the average fifties man believed less of folks that were not like them. Who did not have the luxuries that they can had (a solid, steady family, seats to...


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