Apparel Forecast Craze Report: Spring/Summer 2014

Clothing Forecast Craze Report: Spring/Summer 2014

Ladies apparel has always been a dominating driving force in the fashion market due to various factors—passion for style and trends, the range of assortments offered at retail stores, input to the most of clothing acquisitions, and the ideas that comes from the runway displays in key capital cities in the U. S i9000 and overseas. In the past few years however , the fashion industry offers responded in a positive approach to menswear, focusing more on providing to guy clientele (WikiAnalysis, 2012). The menswear market provides distinct categories of clothes that frequently evolves through color, style, and routine, a huge element that has afflicted expansion of men's apparel industry—Over a five-year period, there was a market increase of 14% plus the world market for this group of apparel was expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014 (MarketLine). Just for this evident success, companies are needs to take advantage of almost all factors that go together with appealing to this marketplace, all of which contain demographics, geo-demographics, and psychographics. Utilizing the factors as listed above will allow an organization to strategize their advertising plan properly, " enhance a very thin, specific niche market, and reach your ideal clientele with a good, specific message” (Dore, 2012). Our target audience in this case, stocks and shares similar market and psychographic characteristics—young adult males in their early 20's to mid 30's and of middle section to prestige. Our suitable customer is an extremely trendy young adult would you classify himself as optimistic, status-driven, enthusiastic, and classic. He has good sense, knows a balanced way of living when balancing work and pleasure, and enjoys the meaning of one's personal style, that his personal is motivated particularly by simply various colors and patterns. The fact that our target consumers are situated in the suburbs, yet mostly in urban areas, is advisable when introducing the following tendencies in to the marketplace.


During the process of compiling the latest trends via past 2012-2013 seasons whilst conducting analysis on the web, each of our strategy was to determine the direction of popular trends today. To do so , we came across many websites of well-known predicting companies and fashion websites that centered particularly upon trends that can potentially your market in upcoming months, such as early 2014.

Through obtaining a collection of info from fashion-centered publications, we all became incredibly knowledgeable dedicated to women's styles, which in consequence helped us to form a holistic idea regarding the direction from the men's style industry. In respect to our research, men's attire is completely changing, feeding off of the constant selection of merchandise viewed all through the entire women's market. After connecting all can certainly recent styles in the past years, we were capable of determine the influences the forex market segment experienced on the other, which led all of us to outlook three tendencies likely to enter the men's market in upcoming spring and summer 2014 seasons.

On the whole, our assortment of data comprised mainly of forecasting websites, blogs, content, and journals that were tightly related to our marketplace. Two of the most useful resources we found were The Denver Content and GQ magazine, magazines that entirely focused on styles that were popular today developments that would recognition in the future. As the articles we all came across were helpful in providing images for our predictions, sources just like Patternbank, WeConnectFashion, Peclers Rome, and Consuul Apparel and Manufacturing were useful in helping to support our forecasts intended for the 2014 spring and summer seasons.


Bolds and Brights

" Bright hues and very soft pastels. Double-breasted jackets in relaxed fabric. Tank Tops....

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