Focused Issue:

How can one identify the presence of blood sugar, starch, lipid, and healthy proteins in various samples?

Pre-lab Queries:

•Glucose is actually a monosaccharide. What does this mean?

A monosaccaride is a carbohydrate molecule with three to seven carbon atoms with the corresponding range of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

•Proteins are made of amino acids. What atom is present in an amino acid that is not present in a sugar molecule? One nitrogen atom is present per molecule in an valine. Data Collection:

SampleBefore HeatingA. Benedict's Answer +HeatB. Iodine SolutionC. Biuret Reagent 1 ) Protein SolutionPurpleLight PurpleDark OrangeLight Purple 2 . Glucose SolutionLight BlueOrange-yellow Mild OrangeTransparent three or more. Sucrose SolutionLight BlueLight BlueLight OrangeTransparent some. Starch SolutionLight BlueLight BlueDark Brown Translucent 5. Distilled Water Mild BlueLight Green Light OrangeTransparent

1 . If there is starch in the material, the colour becomes a darkish when drops of iodine solution are added to this. Starch is the only solution that exhibits a major change (dark brown) that is certainly different from the other alternatives (orange colour) when iodine is added. It can for that reason be inferred that a great test pertaining to starch macromolecules occurs when the option turns dark brown when Iodine solution can be added.

2 . When there is glucose in the substance, the substance becomes to an orange-yellow colour the moment Benedict's Solution is put into it. The colour of the blood sugar solution when it is mixed with Benedict's solution with heat is usually orange-yellow, whilst all of the test solutions become a light blue or purple coloring. We can as a result deduce that the positive evaluation for glucose macromolecules is definitely when the colour changes orange-yellow when Benedict's solution and heat is added.

3. To get the presence of healthy proteins in the substance, it must alter its color to lumination purple the moment Biuret Reagent is added to it. The distilled normal water...


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