The Trip of Noor Hospital During Change

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Mon April eleventh 2011


Table of Contents



3Case Summary4


4. 1The Nature of Change7

4. 2Typology of Change8

four. 3Process of Change9

some. 4Factors Altering Change: eleven

4. 4. 1Deep structure11

4. four. 2Single-loop learning12

4. four. 3Leadership styles and behaviors12

4. some. 4Power, Politics and Stakeholder Management15

four. 4. 5Organization Transitions17

four. 5Alignment18




8Appendix one particular – Top quality Policy23


9Appendix 2 – Firm Chart24

10Appendix 3 – Interview with Executive Director25

11Appendix four – Interview with Overseer of Registered nurse Supervisor27 12Appendix 5 – Interview with Line Manager29

13Appendix six – A few minutes of meetings31


Which in turn comes first, transform or quality? Noor Medical center mission should be to achieve continuous improvement in hospital attention and solutions. It aims is to seek recognition and strive for quality. Therefore it began this process by creating a quality department which will would take those lead to introduce quality projects in order to attain ISO accreditation. Now these kinds of initiatives intended for quality need change in techniques and types of procedures. With modify comes amount of resistance which is a main obstacle that Noor Hospital is currently facing. This record begins with a summary from the organization it cover alter issues including: Nature, typology, and procedure for change. It lists elements that result change when relating that with Noor Hospital. After that it diagnose Noor Hospital using the 8s Version and finally concludes with producing recommendations just like alignment. To reply to the question above of which should be your first priority, change or quality? In Noor Medical center it is equally, you need to produce change in order to achieve top quality and because of wanting to achieve quality, change is needed. 2Introduction

Good is no longer good enough. To outlive in today's competitive environment a business needs to exceed in their guidelines and procedures in order to attain high quality specifications. This is the absolute goal and objective of Noor Hospital to work towards effective implementation of quality courses to ensure performance, efficiency, and equity of health companies (Appendix 1). Such mission will in the end achieve consumer satisfaction and award a healthcare facility ISO qualification. However , the task will be, the length of time will it decide to try achieve this sort of goal? Tips on how to manage modify? What might be some of the hurdles, and how to defeat them? So why do employees resist transform, and what you can do to overcome such barrier? Some of these concerns will be solved through this kind of report even as we diagnose and analyze the case while relating it to varied change supervision theories. 3Case Summary

Noor Hospital can be described as 160 pickup bed capacity government hospital in Sultanate of Oman. It is just a secondary clinic serving most governorate community and virtually any emergency case coming from away from governorate (like RTA and deliveries). It consists of several departments just like (medical, surgical, gynecology, obstetrics, orthopedic, etc….. ). In June 2008, instructions originate from Ministry of Health to make a quality section for a healthcare facility, as a respond to the fact that quality in healthcare organizations is quickly becoming a throughout the world issue to both suppliers and customers of those providers. All countries worldwide happen to be actively presenting quality within their health care system. This is mainly due to the fact that featuring care by itself, any attention, is no longer a suitable option. Nevertheless; patients and caregiver are insisting in enjoying this provided care with intense quality. (WHO, 1995)

As more and more private hospitals in the country has adopted to implement quality procedures, and due to the fact that consumers complaints have been obviously increased which echo badly to the hospital's popularity and...

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