Date: May 25, 2013

To: Bertrand Green, CEO

From: Brand, Director of Public Relations

Subject: Approval needed to develop a New Employee Incentive

Since the slight drop in sales plus the lack of curiosity my regional contacts have experienced in Simple to Be Green (EBG) initiatives recently, Plus brainstorming of new ways to enhance company soul with personnel and increase EBG's public image. While I was brainstorming, I was looking thru my office window at EBG's parking lot and noticed that virtually all employees' automobiles are common gas guzzlers just like SUVs, and pick-up pickup trucks. This picture made me believe, how can EBG help staff be more eco-friendly while matching the company's objective? I did a little analysis and found a local hybrid dealership that is providing excellent discounts to employees whose company purchases company vehicles through them.

By company getting new cross types cars this will create a amazing public graphic that matches our mission. EBG may use the newly purchased hybrid cars in advertising. The advertisement can read, " Easy To Always be Green procedures what they preach to their customers! ” This sort of advertising will catch the attention of prospective customers and make a positive public image. Because the Director of Public Relations, I can work with our internal environmentally friendly efforts to attract confident media stories with the regional newspapers and news channels.

I realize that receiving new business cars is very expensive. Especially since the company vehicles aren't due for replacement; yet , this doesn't mean the company aren't profit from this kind of deal. EBG can donate current company cars into a local charity like Kars 4 Children. The monetary gift will look superb to the general public and we are able to use the monetary gift as a duty write-off.

After the company purchases new hybrid autos, the dealership will give great rebates to the employees. These kinds of rebates can encourage workers who are thinking about getting a fresh vehicle to buy a cross instead of a...


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