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In a nutshell:What happens in the Epiphany MV is not a moment in time, it’s the emblematic summary of each and every moment in time to get Jin, since the beginning of the tale, showing if he decided to change the timeline and where he ends up.

Keep in mind this kind of word ˜symbolic’. What happens in this MV is usually not literal, it’s a method to show you an index of what happened without showing you Jin’s entire life (because they have other stuff to do than film several MV’s).It’s the answer to the BTS MV story.

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This year, Rolling Rock published a listing of the 15 K-pop artists most likely to create it big in the US. Achieving significant US fame was obviously a newly attainable, if continue to distant, landmark for Southern region Korean take groups thanks to the 2000s’ tremendous exporting of South Korean culture abroad a trend known as Hallyu, the Korean Wave. Rolling Stone’s list, which in turn appeared 8 weeks before Psy’s Gangnam Design,  included groups like Big Boom, Girls’ Era, and 2NE1 the very best bands of what’s generally thought of as the second generation of put groups to emerge during K-pop’s go up to intercontinental prominence.

It didn’t, nevertheless , include a number of teenage young boys, then-recently put together through a facilities audition procedure, who were becoming meticulously polished and prepped for their first. On 12 , 22, 2012, the group released a number of Soundcloud videos featuring their seven users rapping in Korean and English including a hip hop cover of Wham’s Last Christmas. 

It had been hardly the stuff of attention-getting Korean language hip-hop. However the band involved Bangtan Boys, later officially referred to as BTS would go to completely transform the image of all-male boy bands in South Korean language music and shatter ideas of what breakout success looked like intended for South Korean bands international.

How K-pop became a worldwide phenomenon

BTS’s US prominence has widened rapidly over the last two years, if the band began to smash one particular success metric after one other, from spending multiple several weeks on ALL OF US charts to making a landmark appearance with the American Music Awards to collaborating together with the Chainsmokers issues song Best of Me personally,  and also with Dorrie Aoki prove December 2017 single remix Mic Drop. 

BTS is now partying a truly unprecedented rise, approaching off a really huge year of motorola milestone phone accomplishments. In 2018, they will became the first Southern region Korean band in history to debut an album at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 data, as well as the initially to have a sole land at No. 10 within the Billboard Sizzling 100. The band’s world tour promptly sold out. That they followed up their particular earlier collaborations with Aoki and the Chainsmokers by working together with Nicki Minaj. They made a landmark physical appearance before the UN and performed in Times Rectangular onGood Morning America. They possibly snagged several Guinness Community Records because of their incredibly engaged fanbase.

Their popularity in the US shows zero sign of stopping: In February 2019, BTS have scored their 1st Grammy candidate selection, for Best Project Package, and presented a great award at the ceremony. About Saturday, April 13, the band notched another traditional first, simply by becoming the first Korean language band to perform onWeekend Night Live. (The week’s sponsor, Emma Stone, is a in long run K-pop enthusiast. )

TheSNLappearance coincided together with the April doze release of their new recording,Map with the Soul: Persona, showcasing Ed Sheeran on a song called Make It Right and a collaboration with Halsey prove new sole, Boy With Luv.  That same week, the band made an appearance in the gross annual Time 100, along with winning the magazine’s reader poll pertaining to the second season in a row. Their account in the piece was correctly written by Halsey, who mentioned:

Outwardly, they are refined and professional, but several hours of frivolity, secret handshakes and presents exchanged demonstrate those surrounding them that underneath this showstopping, neatly groomed movement are merely some fellas who like music, each other and their fans.

But why was BTS the band that finally broke through the lifestyle barrier overseas to make significant waves in the US? The answer is based on a combination of elements, and most of them are about change: the changing nature of K-pop’s facility culture as well as the way idols are made; changing depictions of masculinity in Southern Korea; changing ranges of acceptable appearance in K-pop; and, first and foremost, the procedure BTS has taken to building its fan base and interacting with its enthusiasts.

But to figure out all this transform, we have to regress to something easier a few years to understand how K-pop became the regimented market it is today and how BTS subverts that regimen.

The leader and lead artist: RM

You’d smile like that as well if you rapped your way to international stardom. toomuch940912/Tistory

Born Kim Nam-joon, RM is a 23-year-old artist and the first member recruited to BTS. It’s not really exaggerating to say that the entire band was built about him.

RM first made his name since an underground rapper; nonetheless in his young adults, he was often spotted spitting verses alongside his friend Zico, who would go on to be the leader with the K-pop group Block W. After a good friend told Boom about the rapping teen, Bang hired him into his studio, where enthusiasts gave him the pre-debut nickname Rap Monster.  From there, the idea to form an entire idol group rapidly took shape, plus the Monster reduced his level name to RM.

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The BTS ARMY is real, and it is mighty

BTS’s fans who collectively gained the nickname ARMY for their well-organized and loyal response to the group responded to that confessional strategy so well that by 2015, tickets for the band’s sold-out limited US tour were reportedly being scalped for more than $10,000. Tickets for their current sold-out tour are in high demand, with an average price of $452, the most expensive of the summer.

Stephen told me that it took a while for the hosts ofThis Week in K-Popto realize how big BTS had gotten. We always thought the next big group to cross over would be a girl group, somebody like Twice, he told me. I don’t think it really hit me how big they were until I moved to Korea in 2014 and talked to the children. Every single person in my school system, from teachers to high school students to middle school students to elementary everybody knew who BTS was.

BTS’s international fandom was also hard at work making sure the band had a chance to break through. Throughout 2017, fans systematically bombarded North American retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon with pleas to stock BTS’s new albums and then promptly pushed the albums up the sales charts. The ARMY was so mighty that by the time BTS made their US television debut at the American Music Awards in 2017, the audience was treated to a time-honored K-pop spectacle: an auditorium ringing with fan chants.

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The international BTS fandom has worked to mainstream K-pop as few other factors have. On Tumblr, the internet’s unofficial home for fandom communities, BTS and its members reign supreme, recalling the vast reach of One Direction in its heyday. In April 2018, Tumblr decided to stop breaking out K-pop as a separate category in its popular weekly Fandom Metrics, an official Tumblr product that measures the popularity of fandoms and related subtopics across the site. By merging K-pop with English-language groups, the account could more accurately reflect the relative popularity of K-pop bands to their Western counterparts.

The first week the categories merged, BTS debuted at No. 1 on the platform, ahead of Beyoncand Harry Styles.

BTS is the product of an industry ins >K-pop started out on Apr 11, 1992, when a hip-hop trio referred to as Seo Taiji and Boys performed in a talent present on a nationwide South Korean network. Seo Taiji and Boys had been innovators who have challenged best practice rules around audio styles, tune topics, style, and censorship, which was unmatched for a lifestyle whose musical technology production acquired spent the past few decades afflicted by strict authorities oversight. But it really wouldn’t last.

In the ’90s, three giant music studios began creating what will become known as idol groups. Assembled through auditions and years of grooming within an powerful studio lifestyle the highly regimented system of ideal group development in Korean and Western music broadcasters ideal groups are polished to perfection, designed to present the highest criteria of splendor, dance, and musicality. Children who enter into these companies spend the majority of their lives enduring rigorous training to become part of a great idol group. If they’re chosen, the studio exerts a huge amount of control, not only within the songs they will sing plus the way all their band is usually marketed nevertheless also over their daily lives.

Idol groups have found dominate the Korean music industry, yet there are popular toxic and abusive aspects of studio culture while revealed by recent loss of life by committing suicide of Shinee artist Ellie Jong-hyun. Studios systematically ironed out the majority of the personal expression and socially conscious music that Seo Taiji was originally known for all things considered, it’s hard to express yourself when you’re contractually unacceptable to have a personal life. Typically, idols simply feel free to start about their challenges after their studio careers end.

It had been within this environment that a person named Boom Si-hyuk started to quietly make a different kind of studio, and to cultivate the band that would become BTS. A successful composer and music producer, Hammer was nicknamed Hitman to get writing a string of popular songs, from g. o. m. ‘s One Candle in 1999 to T-ara’s Like the First Time a decade afterwards. He worked well as a great arranger and producer while using studio JYP until 2006, when he kept to form his own A nice touch Entertainment.

But Bang as well struggled with his position within the industry. As a studio owner, he opened up to low self-esteem about his work and said this individual admired performers who can express their particular personalities in their music. This mix of tips the honest audio expression of one’s imaginative anxieties would turn into a crucial component of BTS.

In 2010, Bang started to assemble a team of teens for a group this individual called the Bulletproof Youngster Scouts. This would go on for being Bangtan Young boys, then BTS, but the elements of their achievement were inherent in the initial name. Bang intended bulletproof to function as a celebration of the kids’ sturdiness and ability to withstand the pressures worldwide. But this individual also needed the band to be able to become sincere and genuine not immaculate idols groomed amid studio culture, but real boys who distributed their real personalities and talents while using world.

This approach is quite unlike the normal facilities approach to idoldom, wherein idols are trained to be enjoyable but slight to become blank slates upon which visitors can job their dreams. By contrast, Boom wanted BTS to be full of figures that audiences can relate to. Within a 2018 interview with the Southern region Korean magazine JoongAng, this individual described just how he originally thought of BTS as comprising gentle, sympathetic idols who could mentor their fans:

I recently came upon a company doc from [2012, ] the year before BTS first showed, in which we were debating what kind of ideal group to create. It explained, ˜What sort of hero is definitely the youth these days looking for? Not really someone who dogmatically preaches from above. Rather, it appears like they need a hero who can lend them a make to rely on, even without speaking a single term.

To produce that strap, Bang had to shake up the established precedents for just how idol teams are cared for. BTS wouldn’t have strict contracts and curfews, and they’d be allowed to discuss the pressures of stardom. Their particular lyrics will be open about the social pressure added to Korean young adults to exceed and do well and to stifle their stresses. In short, they would be outspoken, honest, and natural.

The dancer/rapper: J-Hope

The rare occasion when Hope’s not grinning. Flickr

Jung Hoseok, a. k. a. J-Hope, sometimes called Hobi, is most frequently defined by enthusiasts as a ray of sun, thanks to his sweet persona. The 24-year-old is one of the group’s main songwriters as well as a recurrent choreographer, its lead dancer, and the three primary rappers. As joining the group, he’s had a notable solo debut that arrived him in the top 40 on the Billboard 200. And have I stated his chin could lower glass?

I grew a blossom that can’t be bloomed in a dream that can’t come true (Fake Love).

In that case, as he dries off these Tear’s this individual realises that he can’t save these people and this individual shouldn’t continue to keep putting their lives before his individual because he endures his individual tragedy at the same time. Instead he should love himself preventing the pattern.

So we go in the part of this MV that represents Artificial Love and Tear:

To present day Love your self: Answer:

He closes the drapes (which symbolize him looking at the lives of the kinds he really loves, hence the seven house windows above) within this present fb timeline. Closing them is representational of his choice to quit fighting to save the others in the expense of his personal health and pleasure.

The latest Jin/Answer notes happen to be along a similar line of thought too. Inside the notes this individual finds his father’s diary and discovers he too had these kinds of ˜abilities’. As he read the diary he identified that it didn’t end very well for his father planning to change issues so this individual decides this individual won’t suffer the same fortune.

Mainstream popularity

After starring with close friend Shin Min-ah in the 2009 indieSisters on the Road, Gong played an aspiring chef in romantic comedy seriesPastain 2010. Originally written as the usual brash and spunky rom-com heroine, Gong thought it would be boring and cliched to play her as such, and instead made the significant acting decision to play against type by creating the character as an ordinary girl who was seemingly meek, but had a quiet strength and slyly got her way. Her chemistry with co-star Lee Sun-kyun and the drama’s breezy atmosphere propelled it to the top of the ratings chart.

Defying easy categorization into the actress dichotomies of innocent (Choi Ji-woo, Song Hye-kyo) or sexy (Kim Hye-soo, Uhm Jung-hwa), Gong belonged to a third, very minor group of eccentrics that also include Kang Hye-jung and Bae Doona. Though not a typical beauty, after the success ofPasta, Gong was given the labelGongvelyby the press, a portmanteau of her surname and the English word lovely.

In an emerging pattern of alternating mainstream TV series with riskier big-screen projects, Gong starred inRolling Home with a Bull, another low-budget indie adapted from Kim Do-yeon’s novel. She played a w

In 2011, Gong acted opposite Cha Seung-won in the TV seriesThe Greatest Love. Written by the Hong sisters, the romantic comedy is set in the entertainment industry and about an unlikely romance between a has-been pop-star and a top actor. The series was a big hit with audiences, resulting in increased popularity for Cha and Gong. She was also praised for her naturalistic, no-nonsense acting, which served to balance Cha’s wacky antics.The Greatest Loveswept the MBC Drama Awards, including a Top Excellence Award for Gong (her third consecutive, afterThank YouandPasta). Gong later won Best Actress for TV at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

She worked again with Kim Tae-yong forBeautiful 2012, a series of four Micro Movies produced by Chinese internet platform Youku. that explore the concept of what is beautiful?. In Kim’s short filmYou Are More Than Beautiful, Park Hee-soon plays a man who hires an actress named Young-hee (Gong) to pretend to be his fiancwhen he introduces her to his dying father in Jeju Island.You Are More Than Beautifullater received a theatrical release in 2013.

Uninterested in stereotypical pretty roles, Gong sa >Known for her candor on set and in public, Gong openly admitted that she had problems with her character and took her complaints to its director Jeon Kye-soo. Though Gong saLove Fictionwas her most commercial feature yet, and broke even at more than 1.7 million admissions. She then reunited withLove Fictionco-star Ha Jung-woo in577 Project, a documentary that follows a group of actors walking 577 kilometers (358 miles) across the nation.

In 2013 Gong starred in comedy film,Boomerang Family, adapted from Cheon Myung-kwan’s novelAging Familyabout a grown-up trio of siblings who embark on a series of misadventures after they move back in their mother’s home. Gong sa >Veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung sa

The Hong sisters cast her again in their next seriesMaster’s Sun, a romantic comedy with horror elements. Costar So Ji-sub praised Gong as the best Korean actress currently working in romantic comedy. The drama series was a commercial hit and renewed So and Gong’s domestic and international popularity.

In 2014, Gong starred as a psychiatrist who falls for a mystery novelist with schizophrenia (played by Jo In-sung) in the medical-melodrama seriesIt’s Okay, That’s Love. She sa >Despite lackluster evaluations,It’s Ok, That’s Likeranked third on the year-end Content Electric power Index and received reward for dealing with the discrimination and cultural stigma placed on people with mental health issues and other minorities.

And so we start with this field and two Jin’s (actually the same Jin at distinct points in time):

Sink Jin leaves the space looking properly normal (and wwhandsome), this symbolises the initial unedited schedule. As in their very own youth, before it all does not go right in I would like U. Then there’s settee Jin (also looking wwhandsome) he is watching an old TELEVISION which represents him getting at his memories. More on the significance of sofa Jin and the TELEVISION SET later.

The lyrics go through ‘I wanted to have my life for you personally‘, meaning he wanted to live because of his members. It is because in his your life at that point with time with his managing father these people were all he previously.

Then the camera pans upon the blossoms on the table

In past MV’s we have always seen half a dozen flowers, 6 petals. These are shown to symbolize the lives of the other people to Jin. Normally you will discover six. Here there are only five. Viewthe MVclosely to spot the five stalks as it was tough to explain on photo. I tried

There are only five because we are discovering the point where one of many members dies because of their concerns in I want U. The debate will probably continue on permanently about who died, anybody. I personally believe it was Jungkook or Taehyung.

Sofa Jin looks annoyed, but this individual hasn’t divided yet because at this point this individual believes they can use his ability to go back, change the schedule and conserve his friends. This is symbolized when he opens thejournal(aka track of his time) to decide the best back to, to change the timeline.

Regrettably as the camera pots and pans out we could given Window Jin and he’s below to break the tiny lil army minds with his performing skills. Windows Jin presents Jin who may have left the property, tried to save one member from tragedy and misplaced another (or the same member again) in a new disaster.

Even more lyrics; ‘but as I keep doing that we can’t endure the tornado inside my heart˜. This is because he keeps trying to conserve them and failing and it’s breaking him apart inside to observe his close friends meet misfortune again and again.

Then when he picks out his coat for this oday’ it fuses for the first time in to colour photo. This is how we realize it’s no longer trying to stand for the past, since black and light image is associated with old/past/age. We’re seeing his more recent part of the story/journey.

Color Jin leaves the apartment again and the camera ends out which brings us towards the end of this ˜Jin biking through timelines montage summary’ thing. Garbage it’s hard to put these products into words at times. We come across Colour Jin walking through a mess of most our Tear’s,still searching wwhandsome, but he’s weary and tired of watching his loved ones suffer regularly.

And we’re now in our (Love Yourself) era. Welcome

to the part of this kind of MV that represents the Highlight Fishing reels.

He baby wipes the rain from his face. The rain presents Tears within their MV’s (assume of Jimin above or perhaps Jungkook in Begin). Then a the cry are undone

they reverse up into the air and aside. This is the MV showing us Jin’s last attempt to undo-options the fb timeline, prevent the disaster in the focus on reels and change their fortune. This is emblematic of the minute right after the girl is struck by the Smeraldo truck, right when they are all back in all their tragic moments.

Side be aware, here’s an image for anyone have browse my*ying yang theory*, watch the rain on this section of the MV could it end up being?:

Then as damp Jin walks back into the room the most awesome lyric comes up:

Early life

Gong Hyo-jin was born in 1980 in Sinwol-dong, Gangseo District, Seoul, South Korea. When she was a junior in high school, she moved to Australia with her mother and younger brother, while her father remained in Korea to support the family. Gong attended high school at John Paul College in Brisbane. Gong has spoken fondly of her memories of her time there, and in 2011 she was designated as one of the goodwill ambassadors for Year of Friendship, the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Australia and South Korea.

After three years in Australia, the Gong family moved back to Korea in 1997 due to the IMF crisis.

Stage debut and continued success

Gong then made her stage debut in the Willy Russell playEducating Rita, which depicts the relationship during the course of a year between a young working

In 2015, she starred inThe Producers, a variety drama series written by Park Ji-eun who also wrote the hugely successfulMy Love From the Star. Gong plays aMusic Bankvariety show producer who has been working in broadcasting for 10 years. The drama drew solid viewership ratings domestically, and also gained popularity internationally.

In 2016, Gong made her drama comeback with SBS rom-comDon’t Dare to Dreamopposite Jo Jung-suk, playing a weather broadcaster. She then starred in the mystery filmMissing, in the role of a babysitter who one day disappears with someone else’s child.

In 2017, Gong starred in the thrillerSingle R

In 2018, Gong starred inDoor Lock, a mystery thriller about the horrors faced by women.

In 2019, Gong starred inHit-and-Run Squad, a car chase thriller that focuses on hit and runs. The same year, she was cast in the romantic comedy filmThe Most Ordinary Romancealongs >She is also set to star in the romantic comedy thrillerWhen the Camellia Bloomsalongs

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