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Dundalk Analyze Academy


Geography is concerned with all the study of folks and their environment. A study of geography can help students develop an understanding with their physical and human surroundings. It investigates the changing inter- interactions between the physical and human worlds. Through their research of location, students will build up geographical skills that will help them help to make informed judgements about problems at neighborhood, national, and international levels.

Geography can be studied in ordinary or higher level plus the subject is differentiated for each and every individual novice. Students build upon their very own prior knowledge of the subject and the environment and apply all their skills upon many levels. The study course is split up into core, optional and optional units in both levels and learners are actively involved in a Geographical Investigation in which they get part within a field vacation to apply their theoretical learning and work together with their peers. This research is weighted at 20% and is then a created state evaluation weighted at 80%. The Geographical Research is an energetic and entertaining method for learners to engage using their geographical know-how and to physical exercise their expertise. Last years sixth year students stopped at Tramore seaside with Kieran McCarthy because of their Geographical Analysis.


Each subject matter paper for Leaving License level might have only two versions, or up to six. They are really divided by level: Bigger and Regular, and in the truth of Irish and Mathematics, Base. Each subject level-variant may also have provisions for both English and Irish speakers, with the exception of English and Irish themselves (which are branded exclusively in the relevant language). Certain themes are branded in a put together English/Irish format, such as People from france or A language like german. This leaves such subjects with simply two editions: a bilingual Higher, and a bilingual Ordinary. Even so Mathematics in contrast has a total of six: three amounts: Higher, Regular and Groundwork, each with both English and Irish types.

Higher Level documents are published on green paper, although Ordinary Level papers happen to be printed upon powder blue paper. In the matter of certain subject matter, such as Geography, full-colour photos need to be branded and as such, almost all pages nevertheless the cover happen to be white.


Accounting is an essential element of any organization. A good rational mind and an ability to manipulate characters is all that may be needed. The syllabus is definitely divided into two sections, monetary accounting and management accounting. Financial accounting exposes the students to the basic principle of twice entry as well as the preparation of ultimate accounts employing accounting specifications, all businesses are obliged by law to prepare accounts. Students will be able to interpret accounts (ratios), prepare cash flow claims and learn the right way to present accounts of clubs or communities as well as other incredibly relevant areas.

Management accounting on the other hand is crucial in helping managers make very important decisions, that will affect the way forward for their businesses. It is divided into costing and budgeting. Charging examines item costing (how do businesses decide what amount to charge for their companies how will they allocate costs relating to these types of products) and marginal costing (if managers alter costs, selling price or volume what effects is going to this include on profits). This technique helps managers to become more focused and fine-tune their very own companies to best practice. Budgeting looks at cash budgets (money in and cash out) and functional budgets (what the business would wish to achieve in different areas of their particular business). The exam is 21/2 hours intended for ordinary level and 3 hours pertaining to higher level which is divided into 3 sections.

Section 1: Monetary Accounting (120 marks)

Section 1: Financial Accounting (200 marks)

Section 3: Administration Accounting (80 marks)

Giving Certificate skill is made up of four units linked together and based on the everyday aesthetic experience of the student’s own environment. The practical job can include Lifestyle Sketching, Even now Life, Inventive Composition, Design and style and Craftwork. Students as well study a brief history and Gratitude of Skill, which covers Irish and Western Art, and Art Gratitude. This syllabus is for students in the elderly cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Common and Bigger levels.


You will find three unique programmes that may be followed. As the outcomes of every programme are very distinct, they are all intended to enhance the principles of secondary education; to prepare trainees for education, society and work.

  • Founded Leaving Certificate: The Established Departing Certificate, introduced in 1924, is the most prevalent programme taken. A minimum of six subjects happen to be examined, including compulsory Irish. College students take eight subjects.
  • Leaving License Vocational System: The Leaving Qualification Vocational Programme, introduced being a more functional hands-on enhance to the typical Leaving License, is similar to the established programme. The student will take at least five traditional subjects, certainly one of which should be Irish. Two of the student’s subject matter must be element of one of a listing ofVocational subject groupings. They must as well study a modern day European terminology and twoLink Themes, Planning for the field of Work and Enterprise Education. The system is designed to ensure that the student get their potential for self-directed learning, innovation and enterprise.
  • Leaving Qualification Applied: The Leaving Certificate Utilized, another alternative of the traditional Leaving Certificate, is delivered to prepare the student for adult and doing work life. It consists of three elements. These are generallyGeneral Education,Vocational EducationandVocational Planning. It can be designed for those students who also do not would like to proceed straight to third level education or for those whose needs, dreams and aptitudes are not properly catered pertaining to by the additional two Going out of Certificate programmes. It is to stress areas of accomplishment and brilliance which are not catered pertaining to by classic academic programmes.


Leaving Qualification chemistry should provide a relevant course for young students who will complete their analyze of biochemistry at this level while, simultaneously, providing a foundation course for individuals who will always study chemistry or a related subjects pursuing completion of their particular Leaving License. This syllabus is for pupils in the mature cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Normal and Bigger levels.

Adjustments towards the Leaving License Chemistry Syllabus (Changes in September 2013)

The Leaving Qualification chemistry syllabus has been modified as a result of a ban on chemicals that have been chosen as Substances of High Concern by the European Chemical substances Agency.The theoretical articles of the syllabus is if she is not changed.Four of the necessary experiments have already been adjusted. 3 are getting adjusted to accommodate the removal of suspended substances and one that did not require conditions banned compound is being extended to ensure that the general amount of practical work in the syllabus does not transform.

Note: These adjustments work well from Sept 2013 for all those students that will sit the Leaving License Chemistry exam in 2015 and thereafter.

Teaching guidelines for each from the adjusted practicals can be found here


Music is also an optional subject matter for Older Cycle in St . Angela’s. Students check out the main subject areas of Music (Composition & Harmony) in much greater depth in your five th and 6 a Year whilst also examining 4 Audio Works in detail. Students explore the world of Irish Traditional Music as well as Music Technology. Music Technology works extremely well as part of the Giving Cert Music Practical jointly with a efficiency exam (which is fifty percent of the total marks pertaining to the Departing Cert Music exam). Learners gain expertise in functionality, analysis of music of many different types and an intensive understanding of music theory during their Music research.


Going out of Certificate Irish builds after the language designed during Jr . Cycle. All four language skills are further designed in order to enable the student take an energetic part inside the bilingual world in which all of us live in today in Ireland in europe. The novice is encouraged to produce and share her/his views on a number of matters. The learner is also ready during Elderly Cycle for further study in or through Irish.

Irish is assessed at 3 levels we. e. Base Level, Normal Level or more Level. The learner’s common competency is assessed around Easter of the final year, in an dental examination worth 40%, each and every level, of the overall draw, and the different three skills are examined in 06. Aspects of literary works must be studied at Ordinary Level while at Higher Level these same functions and additional materials must be analyzed in greater detail.

The NCCA is currently undertaking a review of the Giving Certificate Syllabus.


Organization in the Departing Certificate reveals students to how businesses operate in both a national and international environment. The student can anticipate to understand tips on how to form a small business and the necessary legal requirements being put in place to do this. They will also learn the necessary skills and characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur as well as manager. Just how best to market ones firm from initial brainstorming of ideas to product / support development, to achieving sales of service or product and advertising and marketing will become studied. The customer and their legal rights are also addressed as its the rights and responsibilities of worker and organisations. The legal guidelines covering these areas will probably be dealt with. The federal government and their function in the business environment are crucial to how businesses operate. As a part of the EUROPEAN UNION Ireland need to adhere to EU regulations once conducting business both in the home and internationally. More so than ever companies are expected to be socially responsible not simply towards their very own workers yet also to the community in particular, adherence to environmental regulations and openness in their procedures is essential whilst exploitation is out of the question. The examination daily news is three or more hours for a higher-level conventional paper and 21/2 hours pertaining to ordinary level.

Gold Medal for Departing Certificate Biology

St . Angela’s Biology student, Caoimhe Mahony was among 5 2018 Leaving Certificate Biology college students awarded Platinum Medals of Excellence from your Institute of Biology for a service in the Countrywide Botanic Landscapes on November 29th, 2018. These annual awards to get excellence in Biology are manufactured the highest executing students in the present year’s Departing Certificate assessments.

The Institute also granted Caoimhe’s Biology teacher, Ms. Grainne Enright, with a Qualification of Educator Commendation.


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