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Failed Estimations Back in the season 2001, my children and I learned that we would end up being coming to the usa and I thought how blessed we were. I was about to leave a country the place that the unemployment rate was about 20 percent. During your stay on island we had to support our family, it had been necessary that both, my husband and I worked full time jobs. We had to keep our children in the care of other folks. We were blessed to have jobs, but regardless how much all of us worked we're able to barely manufactured end complies with. In addition , security was an additional concern. Crimes were getting increasingly violent, towards the point that we were scared of being within our own home. I think all of that could change once we arrived in the us, a country in which dreams arrived true. Lack of employment wouldn't end up being an issue any longer, life it would be easy enough and so only my husband would work. Finally, my dream of staying home to maintain my kids would turn into true. Lastly, but not least important we would be able to live without the fear of violent criminal offenses. But I was wrong about all my assumptions. Once we came to the United States reality hit us hard. Even though, lack of employment rate had not been as high as in our home country, finding that first work to provide us wasn't easy either. My husband had a qualifications in reliability which is a discipline that frequently requires numerous employees. He applied to grow jobs, within his field and with any other field that demanded new staff. It took him four month to find that first work, at bare minimum wage location, I should put. I nonetheless remember him saying that might be his employer would give him overtime several hours, and with this extra money we could pay the rent. His income was so low that we were not able to pay all the other expenses. Nevertheless, to realise a decent nourishment or clothing for our children....


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