Ethical Perspectives

Amber Thurwanger

ETH 316 / Integrity and Cultural Responsibility

Laura Brodkey-Scott

Apr 30, 2012

Ethical Points of views

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, CONNATURAL, created in 1949, is usually an organization whose mission is definitely peace and security. By using a political and military alliance, they want to guarantee the freedom for everyone to go walking in a safe and sound environment. CONSUSTANCIAL promotes " democratic benefit and encourages consultation and cooperation upon defense and security issues to build trust, and in the long term, prevent conflict” (NATO - North Ocean Treaty Business, 2012). Though NATO is committed the peaceful image resolution of conflicts, when these efforts are unsuccessful, they have the military ability needed to take on crisis supervision operations (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 2012).

NATO's founding treaty, the Washington Treaty, contains the principle of collective security preserved in Article five that claims, " an attack against one or several people is considered a great attack against all” (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 2012). That functions, or countries in NATO agree that whenever an equipped attack against one or more of these in European countries and America occurs, the other celebrations will assist through action since it deems important to restore as well as the security of the North Atlantic area (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 2012).

As stated by the President of the United States, " The basic assumption of CONNATURAL was that...

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