Activities of Immigration

Peter C. Watson PEM

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Activities of Migration

For more than 100 years migration is the topic of dialogue as individuals or mass groups include migrated away from their homelands in search of alternative residency elsewhere throughout the world. Much like today, the 19th century migrators have been faced with a plethora of different types of reactions by their newfound territories including the two positive and negative in nature. Many individuals exhibited several viewpoints including the various government authorities who understood the advantages of immigration. Migration certainly retains the potential to live a more lucrative life within part of the world as most foreign nationals enjoyed the different employment opportunities and enhanced standards of living. Although some immigrants traveled with the families, there are individuals who attempted to find a new life although leaving their loved ones behind. In one such circumstance, and individual by the name of Teofila Borkowska was left behind in Warsaw Especially as her husband sent out to find a fresh existence. Unfortunately for Teofila, her husband never returns as we go through in her correspondence to him.

1893. Dear husband: up to the present I live with Rybickis. I am not very very well satisfied, maybe because I was accustomed to live for numerous years quietly, with you by itself. And today you are at one and of the world and I with the other, and so when I look at strange sides I don't know what to do via longing and regret. You may not forget myself, that you will continue to be noble because you have been …. I have the particular sort of the friends think that My spouse and i own countless numbers and from time to time someone involves me, asking me to lend her a dozen rubles.

1894. Up to the present I thought and rejoice that you would still come back to Warsaw, but because you write that you will come My spouse and i comply with the will of Our god and with the will. I shall at this point, the days and weeks until...


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