Clue points of our cooperation

  1. We are the writers and as the workers we conclude with you, our customers, the Treaty specifically designed with the participation of our specialists.
  2. The cash register receipt is a document confirming your paid order.
  3. For the qualitative performance of your order to your appointed personal manager, who provides you with timely information about all the nuances of the work.
  4. All work performed by us are quality control checks, as well as uniqueness.
  5. The authors of the works performed are qualified professionals with extensive experience.
  6. All adjustments and corrections in accordance with your instructor reviews the work shall be made free of charge and as soon as possible. Free of charge all the improvements made, with the exception of such cases: the customer initially has not provided the necessary information, which resulted in incorrect execution of the order.
  7. We take care of the confidentiality of your order, so all the data that you provide during the checkout process, and which are necessary for its correct execution, were not disclosed.
  8. Delivery time stipulated by the parties and confirmed in writing, at the same time indicates the value of work and other conditions.
  9. Selecting the required educational material, we use the data in the last field of the latest research and fundamental works, recognized in the scientific community of scientists and researchers.
  10. All, without exception, the orders are individually process of adaptation to the specifics of completing the course in a particular university.