How to write a 5 paragraph essay

5 paragraph essays – it is a special kind of essay, which differs with quite a small amount, just 5 paragraphs. However, this type of the essay should be as meaningful and informative. Forming such a written work, you should consider some of the features of this type of essay:

  • a limited amount of work;
  • clear presentation of the facts;
  • validity of the arguments presented;
  • consistency of building;


The introduction should include abstracts of your essay, so to speak, its summary. This introduction helps the author to draw the reader's attention, explains what will be discussed.

The last sentence of this part of the essay in its meaning can serve as a bridge to the next part - the main.

Thinking on how to write a 5 paragraph essay you should take into account that in this part of the essay should be the most compelling argument; the most important example is the most vivid illustration of your thoughts on or actually starts arguments.

The first sentence of the main body can serve as a continuation of the bridge, which you have already transferred in the last sentence of the introduction.

General description of the content of this part should go either in the first or second sentence of her. The content should be related to the fact that you briefly described in the introduction.

The last sentence in this part should fulfill a number of specific functions:

  • the logical conclusion of the paragraph;
  • representation of the completed ideas;
  • logical connection with the next part;

The main part 2

Here, the second on the force argument, the second example of the importance to be described, the second illustration for your reasoning or their continuation, which began in the first part of the essay.

The first and the last sentence can serve as bridges, helping to form a single body section.

Regarding the description of the content of this part, it is necessary to act in the same way as described above.

The main part 3

Now is the time to bring the weakest argument, the most unimportant example and illustration, which is not so advantageous, as the first two, and at the same time give the logical conclusion of your meditation. From the first sentence of this part of Io writing its content, proceed the same way as before.

The last sentence of the main part must contain an indication to the reader that the argument or description of the problem in an essay over. At the same time the proposal should become a bridge to the conclusion


The fifth part of the essay – it is a summary and synthesis of the findings. It is important to reiterate here the general thesis of the essay with the three ideas set out in the main part, because it is - the last chance that is given to the author, in order to convince the reader that he was right.

This part should be:

  • a reference to the designated reader in the introduction, plan;
  • repetition of the basic thesis of the essay - but do not quote, but a paraphrase, or in other words with a hint of already appeared in the introduction of the formulation;
  • generalization of the ideas and arguments in the main body of the essay;
  • the final statement of the author, which gives the reader to understand that the discussion came to an end (if the essay should somehow be encouraged to act, it's time to place a direct motivation here).

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