Narnia Composition

What can color symbolism suggest in videos? In The Lion, The Witch, And the Closet, many colors are displayed in this amazing movie. Inside the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I recently found that Reddish, Gray, and Black stood out the most. Red has symbolized blood, conflict, power, and violence. Greyish Symbolizes old age, sadness, and solid. Dark symbolizes fear, evil, disappointment, anger, and elegance. These three colors figuratively, metaphorically represent the actions of the doj, and what happens in this movie. Red, Grey, and Black, are used figuratively, metaphorically in this outstanding movie.

​Red signifies blood, conflict, violence, and power. Crimson symbolically falls in with The Big cat, The Witch, And the Wardrobe. In the beginning scene with the movie, the bombing reveals, that the color red is usually symbolically, if the World War I was occurring Germany bombed Great Britain often times, and many civilians' lives and soldiers had been lost, blood was very much shed. In the scene from the train the children's moms wears crimson. This means that the lady loves, which is passionate on her behalf children and wants to keep them safe. The reddish lion about Peters protect shows him a sense of conflict, power, power, and strength. Peter since the oldest is sworn to battle resistant to the White Witch, and eliminate her. ​

Dreary symbolizes solid, old age, and sadness. Inside the scene wherever they are delivered away Peter wears a gray clothes, which displays maturity, and intelligence. As they he is the eldest Peter manages taking care of the others. The sculptures in the scene were Edmund goes to the Witch's castle the sculptures are the color gray which show despair. The sculptures symbolizes misery because it shows that how the Narnians have been stuck under the Witch's power, and live in sadness. Peters coito when he is in fight is a metallic gray which will represents maturity, security, and intelligence. She has stuck to being one to fight the Witch and defeat her.

Black is symbolically a darker color which usually symbolizes dread, evil, disappointment, anger, electric power, and elegance. In...


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