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Second Semester, SY 2013 – 2014

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Direction: Read carefully and choose the suitable and best solution. Write your answers in the examination booklet. Any type of erasures means incorrect. Goodluck!

Condition: As a nurse in the Emergency Room, you realize that successful nursing input is dependent upon appropriate assessment and identification of risk factors thus stopping further side-effect. 1 . You are carrying out neurological analysis on a consumer with a the past of brain injury. Which of the pursuing is the most very sensitive indicator of any neurologic performing? A. Electric motor abilityC. Memory

B. Speech patternD. Level of consciousness

2 . One of the customers in the SER has been clinically diagnosed to have personal injury at the cerebellar region with the brain. Which will of the next nursing diagnosis is based after the examination data for this disorder? A. At risk pertaining to injury related to unsteady walking

B. Damaged verbal communication related to cranial nerve disorder C. Ineffective breathing design related to breathing muscle weak point D. Modification in body's temperature related to problems for temperature managing center three or more. During the rounds you heard from the doctor that the patient during sex 5 is usually suspected to have increased intracranial pressure (ICP). Which in the following breastfeeding interventions is related to the goal of creating cerebral cells perfusion? A. Suction just about every two hours and PRN

B. Encourage coughing and deep breathing

C. Perform passive range of motion to the neck

Deb. Elevate your head of the mind about 40 degree perspective

Circumstance: Mrs. Lenie Partes came across vehicular incident on her method to the office and she is still conscious. Cops brought her to the medical center. 4. You need to observe to get increased intracranial pressure. Which in turn of the pursuing is not just a sign of increase intracranial pressure? A. HeadacheC. Schwindel

B. Nausea D. Difference in the level of awareness

5. Which usually of the following drug probably given to Mrs. Partes to lessen increased incracranial pressure? A. ScopalamineC. Coumadin

B. Lanoxin D. Mannitol

6. As she was medicated to minimize increased intracranial pressure. What nursing measure must be done to stop further side-effect? A. Motivate her to observe bed restC. Observe full bed others B. Check blood pressure every shiftD. Measure intake and output 7. In what manner would you have the ability to assess effectively her motor strength? A. Observe how this individual talksC. Allowing for him to stand alone

M. Instruct her to squeeze your handsD. Pricking her skin with pain 8. Which of the next activities could cause her a risk in the enhance of intracranial pressure? A. CoughingC. Turning

B. ReadingD. Sleeping

Scenario: Dr . Seelenkrankheit, 43 years old, stumbled inside the bathroom and fell, appears unconscious the moment rushed to the hospital. on the lookout for. Stat lumbar puncture was ordered. Obtaining reveals weakling spinal smooth. This would show that he's suffering from: A. Cerebral edemaC. Cerebral cardenal

B. Cerebral contusionD. Desapasionado hemorrhage

10. Manie's circumstance is probably the reaction to a shatter of a subset of the: A. Posterior desapasionado arteryC. Middle cerebral artery

B. Preliminar cerebral arteryD. Vertebral artery

11. Upon awakening via coma, he would likely show which type of paralysis: A. PeriodicC. Zwei staaten betreffend

B. SpasticD. Flaccid

doze. How would you care for Seelenkrankheit if his aphasia is definitely severe?

A. Anticipate his desire to be only

B. Get in touch with him by means of gestures

C. Encourage him to talk by a very likely opportunity

G. Encourage him to contact you by simply gesture

13. Your breastfeeding care includes teaching Seelenkrankheit to speak once again. You should begin instructing him with: A. Numbers and...


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