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October 12-15, 2014

Component 5: Laws and Guidelines of the Highway

Create a car saying (Bumper Sticker) or possibly a Road Sign (Billboard) that could describe one main stage you learned in Component 5. This is an example of a bumper sticker from a former student: " " Driving a car the right rate is always a fantastic deed. Enjoy your ride , nor collide! ”В

1 . What would yours say?

-My bumper tag would claim " KEEP CALM and FASTEN THE SEATBELT! ”

2 . Just how would it seem?

-My bumper sticker can be noticeable but not that distracting so that it does not distract motorists while on the street. It would be yellow with dark letters in addition to a gemstone shape as being a warning sign.

3. Today, write in least 1 paragraph (5 sentences or more) which is why you believed this would generate a great bumper sticker or billboard, and exactly how it summarizes the information you learned in Module Five.  -I believe that it might be a great fender sticker because wearing a seatbelt is something which is very important to accomplish while driving a car. Most times persons forget or just hate wearing them because they will feel uneasy. But an easy reminder on this would help many people avoid any kind of disastrous situation. By wearing a seat belt an individual may avoid finding a ticket. It might also reduce the power that could be placed on you in the event that you where to have an incident while on the trail. Wearing a seatbelt is something that is always available on a crafted test test for getting your license. They are the reasons why In my opinion that a " KEEP RELAXED and BATTEN YOUR SEATBELT! ” will be a great fender sticker to acquire.

Module 6: Effects of Alcohol and medicines

Some day you might find yourself within a dangerous traveling situation as a result of drugs, liquor, or severe drowsiness because of medication. Speak to a parent or guardian as to what they would like for you to do if you find yourself in this situation. Answer this questions in a single or more finish sentences.

1 ) Explain three ways you can...


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