Road mishaps are increasing every day and especially in Xmas, summer holiday seasons or weekends. Lots of people drop their endures the highways and it is really hard to resolve this problem which affects almost for the whole universe. Not only the folks can die, they can be personal injury and don´t get to restore of their wounds in all their very own lives. There are numerous causes of highway accidents and I´m going to mention some of them that I believe they are the key causes: no longer respect the speed limit, travel drunk, travel many several hours without rest, don't set attention in the road, need not patient, bad conditions of roads, bad weather (snow, flog, rain, …), and there are even more but I do think that these will be the most important. Firstly if we want to fix this problem, we have to realize that to operate a vehicle is not a play. We manage a machine incredibly dangerous that it could get rid of anybody and there laws that we have to carry out. Everybody want to buy a huge car that this can any high speed but we have to realize that we must admiration the speed limits because the reality we have an excellent car don't give us the justification to drive on the speed that we would like to travel. Not only we have to drive very well when we getting the drive certificate also after we have became the permit driving. The us government must increase the roads, the fines has to be higher because I think it is the unique approach the people admiration the laws and parents and teachers must to teach and encourage to their children how they will have to drive when they possess a car. Nowadays there are a lot of advancements that they generate driving safer than 10 years ago. Autos are less dangerous because they may have many products that they support us to push and in circumstance of car accident they look after our lives. A decade ago the particular most expensive vehicles have airbags, nowadays all cars not only have one coussin autogonflant rather they may have four or even more airbags. Car´s breaks are really good that you may stop your vehicle almost inside the same range in a wet road within a dry road. Just are...


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