The shown for model and stylistic analyses short extract is a part in the novel Feeling and Sensibility written by L. Austen. The text passage commences with the information of last events of Dashwood friends and family. When Mr. Dashwood dead, his estate, Norland Playground, passes straight to his simply son John, the child of his first wife. His second partner, Mrs. Dashwood, and their daughters are remaining only a tiny income. Mcdougal passes upon, saying that in the deathbed, Mister. Dashwood components a assurance from his son, that he will manage his half-sisters; however , John's selfish and greedy wife, Fanny, quickly persuades him to change his mind. The passage ends with the couple's solution: they won't give the Dashwood any money, apart from the occasional little gift here and there. Austen's particular moment in history is a fascinating one. Her novels will be fascinated with the odd and peculiar interactions between persons of different cultural levels – a relatively fresh development in the uk at the time. Essential one of the most crucial themes with this extract in addition to the story itself is different societies and classes. Additional topics come in this get are funds, relationships inside family, especially between wife and partner, avarice ['ævərɪs] and so on. We now have a fortunate view inside the minds of most of the character types, and Austen's strong narratorial voice takes us out and in of the people who populate this kind of novel. Remarkably, from the very beginning Austen is primarily interested in showing all of us the female point of view here – though we all occasionally view " inside" men, all of us mostly stay close to the women in the novel, and get to know them better than anyone else. The key characters of the extract happen to be John Dashwood and his partner Fanny Dashwood. Fanny Dashwood — the wife of John Dashwood. She is vain, selfish, and snobbish. Fanny is totally a snob . 5. She essentially only wants to associate with people richer or even more important than she is. The answer is...


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