Summary of Sociology

Test II

Multiple Choice: Pick the best Possible Solution (. 75 point each) 1 . Which in turn of the pursuing is among the interactional criminal behaviour? a. Groupings attack storeowners following a phony arrest of your local resident. b. Authorities repeatedly struck a drivers whose car had a cracked taillight. c. Students vandalize campus or community real estate following a successful football video game. d. Students shouts away, " Hi there teach', lookin' good today! ” e. all of the previously mentioned

2 . Wearing a new suit to an interview is an example of:

a. managed alertness

m. social status

c. impression management

m. social conversation

e. conformity

3. If a man stares by a woman, his attitude is likely to be perceived as harmless; if a girl stares at a man, the girl with likely viewed as inviting. This kind of difference in meaning can be: a. a social male or female rule

b. one way through which gender inequality is reinforced

c. one way in which male or female equality is reinforced

m. a form of social control

elizabeth. a shared understanding

4. Studying what appears to be trivial everyday social behavior is: a. microsociology

c. functionalism

n. macrosociology

deb. conflict theory

5. Preliminary sociology classes tend to have quite large enrollments, perhaps over 100 learners. On the other hand, graduate student seminars possess small enrollments, usually fewer than fifteen learners. How does this difference in enrollment (Hint: Think Size) influence the dynamics from the different classes?

a. College students in the initial classes are not as likely to miss class mainly because they want to spend time with all of their friends.

b. It is more acceptable, and less apparent, to by pass a graduate seminar because graduate pupils have many various other responsibilities.

c. If a scholar skips the introductory course, it will have little or no effect on your class, whereas if a student skips the seminar, it will influence the class more. d. Inside the larger school, the professor makes a indicate learn the students' names mainly because attendance much more important for freshmen than pertaining to graduate pupils. e. non-e of the over; enrollments usually do not influence class dynamics; only the professor can have this kind of impact.


6. Identify any two factors that play a role in group characteristics? a. Size and top-group affiliation

n. Leadership and group pressure

c. Networks and compliance

d. All of the above

elizabeth. non-e with the above

7. Milgram's research demonstrated that possibly in amazing situations ordinary people will: a. conform to the directives of transformative market leaders

b. withstand authority

c. obey those in positions of electricity

d. leave out others

at the. conform to the directives of transactional market leaders

8. Interpersonal interaction is a:

a) procedure by which all of us act and react to those around us

b) process of socialization beginning at birth

c) expected habit of a person occupying a particular social position d) interpersonal identity speculate if this trade in a culture

9. What term carry out sociologists use for refer to a group with an identifiable membership rights that partcipates in concerted communautaire actions to achieve a common purpose?

a. main group

n. secondary group

c. in-group

d. out-group

e. organization

10. Robert Michels noticed that in large-scale businesses, and in communities dominated simply by such organizations, power is impossible to avoid concentrated at the top. He known as this the a. clan model.

n. iron regulation of oligarchy.

c. Panopticon.

d. monitoring society.

at the. insane asylum.

11. Interacting through ordinary, everyday vocabulary requires: a. knowing the persons involved in the discussion

b. learning and making time for the formal rules of grammar c. an array of complex, shared background understandings

deb. simply stating what you think

12. Just how can Japanese businesses differ from the Weberian model followed by most business organizations on the western part of the country?

a. Japan corporations make use of a collaborative style.

b. Workers in Western corporations specialize more.

c. There is much less job reliability in The japanese.

d. Japan employees are definitely more...


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