Judith came from a Puerto Rican family that lived in Hat. Throughout her life the lady was put into situations of others stereotyping her for being a Latin girl. One of those moments was for Career Trip to her catholic school. The ladies were designed to dress formal with the customized skirts and silk blouses to appear professional. Nevertheless , she wasn't dressed correctly to the celebration and that induced her teachers as well as her classmates to check out her being a " adverse models” Another one of her experiences just visited first formal dance the place that the boy your woman went with kissed her, and once she didn't go along with that his response was " I believed you Latina girls were suppose to mature early on. ” The next thing that happened at a hotel the lady was being. As the lady was walking to her area she went to a man and her daughter. This individual soon started to sing part of a track, " No longer cry to me, Argentina”, and after that a well-known Spanish song " La Bamba”. To the men and the others around him it was an blameless joke to create others giggle, but for Judith it had not been funny in any way, she required offense to it. Simply because they were Latinas the man discovered it perfectly fine to sing Spanish music, to make this seem funny. Latin females are often face as only working in factories or having housemaid jobs because of the insufficient skills they may have and because with the little The english language they understand. She stated " The top and small screens have presented all of us with the photo of the funny Hispanic maid. ” We come from a Mexican along with throughout my own whole life have also experienced some form of stereotyping. I was born in Mexico and came to the us when I was eight. A lot of people assume that my family was poor in South america and that's the key reason why we came up here, and that is completely wrong. Mother and father were instructors, we had a good house and that we had a car. The most common the one which most Mexican girls suffer from is being mentioned their quinceanera. Of course it's a tradition for females to...


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