The Drover's Wife:

* Henry Lawson's short story " The Drover's Wife” is approximately a woman and her several children that must cope with the hazards and all-natural elements of the Australian rose bush. * Simply by Lawson not really using a description of the woman he the actual story emblematic to all females in her position over the bush. (by not giving her a name and making her description very generic/general) so it is a story regarding the stamina levels and resourcefulness of the persons in the rose bush – in such a case extending to women. 5. The story emphasizes the drover's wife's brutal independence because she challenges a aggressive environment to ensure her success and the endurance of her family through the accumulation of negative aesthetic and oral images. 5. and ‘the gaunt sun-browned woman'

* Extended imagery – choice of adjectives conveys the harsh nature with the land, simply by showing all of us an image of the adverse effects for the inhabitants with the land. 2. Thus by simply linking the surroundings to it is inhabitants, Lawson's omniscient third-person narrator shapes our realizing that the unique Australian traits of resilience and courage are definitely the product associated with an interaction having a hostile environment. * Lawson also uses the dog Ca?man a " Big dark yellow eyed dog of breeds…” as another protector in the family and necessary to the woman's ability to survive. 2. Her reliance on the dog emphasises her isolation " Only last week a… swagman… plonked his swag down on the veranda, and demanded tucker. She gave him some thing to eat… loosened your dog and confronted him. He looked at your dog then her and left” another brief review is made about the dog – that the girl can't find the money for to lose him (to the snake) – bush factor – working dog – contributor to family. You will discover no recreation – simply no pets, almost everything has to bring about towards survival. * " Young Woman's Journal…' the mention in her framework emphasises that her surrounding's not favourable to the progress the womanly side of her nature....


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