(1) From a famous point of view, in traditional Chinese language culture, " human" is the social reasons behind commercial bribery. As everyone knows, Customer a exquisite " courtesy demands reciprocity" state, good manners demands reciprocity core is definitely advocating " human intercourse", in other words, Chinese person specifications require that human relations between people.. This classic culture reaches up to business, evolved into " If you want to profit from others, it is necessary to provide people the appropriate return" organization philosophy. In this way, " If you want to generate more profits from the others, you should provide greater reward" is overlooked. (2) From your reality of power circulation situation, there has too much monopolistic industry in China, a few of the management plus the staff provides too much electric power, which gives commercial bribery superb road program laid the inspiration. Western economic analysts had manufactured the" Rent-seeking theory" to explain to the open public rights recommends have having its control electricity for chip seek for their particular economic passions phenomenon; In line with the " electric power rent-seeking" theory, the power of the party will be looking for opportunities through the hire his power gain benefits, and possession of money although no major power a side is of course will use their own money in exchange for power. There is no medical and successful democratization and legalization electric power restriction device premise, this kind of inevitably appear using trading. (3) by actor inner point of view, the pursuit of optimization of pursuits huge inner power may be the psychological causes of commercial bribery. The down sides is intuition. Each person can make for their individual works. In the commercial field, persons tend to believe hard to pursue the largest profit. Therefore , in this kind of mentality, due to doer in order to obtain the biggest commercial passions, of course , will certainly by connect or by crook -- including the make use of bribery and corruption means. (4) through the market the need and...


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