The future status of The english language as a global language is assured Due to the first professional revolution in the 1760s, The uk became productive and increased quickly. To be able to accumulate the administrative centre, the The united kingdom Empire began its colonial expansion, during which English, like a kind of dialect, was transmitted across the world. Currently, English has become a global terminology. It is predicted by David Crystal that about 350 million's 1st language can be English, along with 250-350 million speaking English since second language [1]. Together with the process of globalization, the number of persons speaking English is still elevating. Although some other language such as Chinese, French and A language like german attract a lot more speakers, My spouse and i hold the opinion that the foreseeable future status of English as the global dialect is assured. Opponents declare that many non-English speaking countries have launched a campaign against " linguistic invasion” [2]. Indeed, many countries manage to promote their native language and reject English language. For example , the parliament in France set up a legislation in 1994 requiring most slogans or perhaps bulletin panel should be developed in French. Even greater, in 2011 various Japanese show reject British as the population language. However , these incidents cannot wring the status of The english language. The debate ignores the truth that the number of people learning English is usually " soaring”. Today you will find above you billion people learning English. Still more than a hundred or so countries list English his or her first language.[3] As for the executives in companies, they need to learn English taking organization benefits and private opportunities into consideration. What's more, the unceasing progress media and Internet generally helps spread English according to " The World Language” by economist [4]. Therefore , those rejections against English only encourage visitors to speak even more native language to some extent, although cannot quit the development of English language. Other competitors consider that Chinese, the hot...


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