This 1936 painting permitted " The Iceman” done by Jacob Lawrence was accomplished sometime through the Harlem Renaissance. The piece of art is a typical portrait of and an honest reflection of daily life in 1930s Harlem, New York. It can easily represent any downtown city during this time period. The artist uses the portrait to show the text, or lack thereof, between the neighborhood's residents, because they seem to go about their daily routines with no social connection that sibling people in times of struggle. Lawrence employs meaning and images to show how the neighborhood lacked connection.

On 1st glance from the painting, 3 residents happen to be noticed, bleary their own rentals, being sold glaciers by the iceman standing on the street, and his tool. As the apartments are generally in this sort of close proximity of one another, one would believe the occupants would be reaching each other. Yet at a closer glance, it is seen they are all minding their own organization. This is unusual for the era. It really is well known that during the 1930s, segregation and racism were at their very own worst. Inside the north, worries were excessive between the grayscale white classes due to the improved number of African-Americans migrating to larger metropolitan areas. In the minds of your egg whites, the blacks were " taking over”. In most cases, when tragic or intense scenarios like this occur, it is common for people to ban together and tread through the challenges as a whole community - other than in this case. Whether these people had been real Harlem residents, it is quite unlikely that this separation of community might have really took place.

Community is identified as " an interacting human population of various types of individuals in a common location”, with " interacting” staying the key phrase. The characters made up through this painting range from the iceman great helper with all the pushcart, a window cleaner, a woman probably ironing or cooking, a man trying to hold onto his doggie, and a darkened estimate an...


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