Marta Adaśko

Prepare of presentation:

1 . Summary of the beliefs of love.

installment payments on your Ancient conceptions - Avenirse.

3. Thought of Middle Ages – St . Augustine.

4. Modern ideas – chosen cases.

5. Modern day consideration => summing up.

Philosophy of affection

Tips on how to speak about appreciate if there is zero clear particular definition of this feeling or maybe precise explanation? Nevertheless your local library all over the world are filled with books revealed it. And folks will come up with love so long as they are present. Since it is the most important and partidario part of our humanity, ingrained in every human being action. Wellspring of music and term, temples and cottages, art and statues. Source of insanity in operas and shows, words of poets and philosophers, tragedies and not series, celebrations and anguish every day life. Reason behind bread and vine. Occasionally unseen, destroyed, oppressed, have hatred, avarice - irregardles - appreciate is always what everyone is about. What everybody yearn for, dream of, struggle to. Target that people cut through the stumbling, falls, individual and others' foolishness, weak point and defects. As long as they will live – they live and breathe in love. Beget by take pleasure in and extinguished by appreciate.

While the topic of like is extremely wide and profound, I would like to pay attention to the most feature thinkers. The best-known historic philosopher of affection is Plato, who is specifically famous for his theory of Forms, in accordance to which the world we know throughout the senses is only an imitation of the genuine, eternal, and unchanging world of the Varieties.  But the things i want to concentrate on is platonic idea of appreciate. In " Symposium” and " Phaedrus” Plato shows us that searching for the perfect, for beauty itself, is actually love is focused on. Love is what leads coming from appearances to reality, take pleasure in is what connects the immediate to the ultimate. He defines love as " eros, " the powerful desire for that which we lack. One person...


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