How much does Congress Do?

In order to best explain what Congress really does, we can use the analytical lens of constitutionalism, institutionalism and behavioralism. Prior to we can discuss what Congress does, it is crucial to understand the fundamental make up of our legislative human body. We can view the basic make-up of Our elected representatives within the look at of Constitutionalism. The United States Cosmetic provides the framework of our legal body. It provides us a bicameral legislature. This means that we now have two chambers; the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Constitution is made up of rules giving the basic guidelines on how we all elect each of our representatives, the length of time they will provide and the summarize of how the legislative method works. To attain Congress, one particular must be selected by his constituents. In order to be eligible to operate for Congress, a candidate has to be at least 25 years old for a Property seat and 30 for any Senate seat. Candidates must be a U. S. citizen and has to be a homeowner in the point out in which they are running. How big is Congress – 535 members – is placed by the Metabolic rate. There are 75 seats in the Senate and 435 seating in the House. Each state offers two senators and at least one consultant. The apportionment of the remainder of the car seats in the House will be based upon the population because reported by the U. H. Census Bureau. Once elected to Congress, a member of the home of Reps will provide a term of couple of years and a Senator will certainly serve a term of six years. We can utilize the lenses of institutionalism and behavioralism to attempt to understand what reps do once they get to Our elected representatives. Once chosen, a representative is definitely expected by way of a constituents to symbolize. A congressman must make a decision on how they will represent their very own constituents back home. Smith details three various kinds of representatives: a delegate, a trustee and a opportunista. Many Americans expect their rep to go to Congress and represent their own personal...

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