п»їThe intercontinental Migration of Turkey to Germany

After the Second World War, which ended in 1941, Germany was in a state of economic collapse and necessary rebuilding. The country had shed over 4. 5 , 000, 000 people in the war. There was clearly a big deficit of labour that threatened the commercial recovery because there were more job opportunities than personnel so extra labour was needed. Philippines solved this problem by importing ‘guest workers' especially coming from Turkey. Chicken is a growing country around the Mediterranean Sea plus the people generally there have, for quite some time, migrated to Germany in an attempt to improve their quality lifestyle.

Why European people Moved to Indonesia? (Push & Pull Factors) First of all, World War a couple of left Indonesia with below populated population of Economically active persons, therefore European people have found a great chance to live in an improved country when it comes to quality existence. Secondly, surviving in Germany designed living in a much more developed nation (Higher Prestige): A more produced nation could result better infrastructure to the country meaning:

- Better health care and benefits

-- More educational opportunities for immigrants workers

- Common of education would be better.

- Public transportation devices (which immigrants would probably be using) would be a even more developed and intricate program.

Finally plus the most important 1, Germany include offered various job chances: Turkey is definitely not as financially developed as being a country just like Germany. Therefore an MEDC like Indonesia was offering many work opportunities and welcoming zugezogener guest staff to the nation, was a major pull element. Advantages and Disadvantages (For Germany):

The benefits Of The Turkish Migrants Moving To Germany Are:

Jobs- The migrants are a inexpensive source of time for carrying the actual dangerous jobs e. g. working in an asbestos factory. Also the migrants can be given the unskilled jobs which the people of Indonesia do not desire attend at the. g. avenue cleaning, yet...


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