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Writing a basic LATEX Doc

Benefits of Acrylic typesetting

I originally had written the following article for OSNews in june 2006. (You could see the unique article and follow the energetic debate after. ) The majority of the content is still relevant, and probably will remain so for years. It’s worth noting yet , that applications such as Microsoft company Word have got addressed some of their shortcomings seeing that 2005 and so not all good examples may be since relevant because they once were. E. g., Word 2007 and greater now has bibliography equipment built-in.


Here is an illustration LaTeX code:

LaTeX when edited in a text editor or perhaps in Overleaf

Area of the PDF made from the LaTeX code

What is Acrylic?LaTeX is a typesetting program or simply a course for creating text documents such as scientific documents or paper prints. Generally speaking LaTeX is a personal pc publishing (DTP) program.

How to pronounce LaTeX?TheLaat the beginning is caused by original writer Leslie Lamport who expandedTeX. TheTimesat the end can be an uppercase Greek notice chi. In English, Acrylic is usually pronounced lah-tekh, lah-tek, or lay-tek.

Precisely what is LaTeX good for?The utilization is very broad. It is most commonly used for technological and technological texts including scientific documents, dissertations, literature and books. It is also utilized for presentation photo slides or technological posters. The code could be easily produced e. g. in Python, so it is intended for automated generation of Ebooks.

What LaTeX will?Besides prevalent formatting of text including cursive and bold, LaTeX can automatically create table of articles, numbered headings, cross referrals, footnotes, and literature info. Advantages of LaTeX are best noticeable when creating designated list and bullet points as every thing is very structured and managed. When using Acrylic you don’t have to think much regarding typographic rules or understand them mainly because LaTeX is going to take of it.

What is LaTeX best know for?LaTeX is often pointed out as a device to typeset math equations and the LaTeX syntax or perhaps LaTeX by itself is used in other tools to produce math equations. LaTeX is likewise generally greater than other tools in typographically perfect justification of text into prevent where LaTeX automatically and reliably hyphenates words in various languages.

What are the limitations of LaTeX?The workflow usually needs The functionality of LaTeX is definitely practically infinite since it is known as a full programming language. In the event LaTeX won’t be able to do something, consumer can often program this to do it. Generally, this is certainly not practiced because there is a lot of packages which often already cover the functionality you wish for.

Do I need to remember every one of the commands?That’s not necessary, because the common directions can be included using a switch in a editor. For challenging and less common commands, persons usually employ existing illustrations online.

What is the bare minimum I want to learn?The key part are definitely the concepts, certainly not the exact orders. First portion is to turn into comfortable with calcado representation from the formatting, one example is that the striking text can be not in bold in source text but it is usually marked with the specific command. Another component is that everything is a control. Creating a desk of items is as simple as publishing bold text, it is one command.

What is the between LaTeX and a text manager?First, LaTeX is not just a text manager. It is a plan which makes PDF or perhaps other paperwork from basic text data files which contain Acrylic commands. It can be focused on text, not graphics, but it is definitely quite highly effective in creating graphics too. LaTeX is usually used with a text manager which is aware of LaTeX and supports consumer in writing LaTeX documents. Points related to the text file such as spell looking at are handled by the written text editor (rather than LaTeX).

Just how is LaTeX used without Overleaf?As users, all of us write text message in a text message editor which will supports Acrylic. Whenever we run LaTeX (e. g. utilizing a button or shortcut the in editor), LaTeX provides an impressive PDF document (typically) which can be viewed within a PDF audience (or inserted viewer inside the editor).

How Acrylic works?Since users, we all add tags (or commands) to the text which notify LaTeX how you can process and typeset the text. It is just like how CODE and web browser work when formatting websites.


Displacement reactions, also known as replacement reactions, involve compounds plus the replacing of elements. They occur since single and double substitute reactions.

Basic equation (single displacement): A + BC ‘ AB + LOS ANGELES

A single substitute reaction replaces an element in the reactants with another aspect in the products.

Test 3. equation: Cl2& 2 NaBr ‘ a couple of NaCl & Br2

Calculation: 0 + [(+1) + (-1) = 0] [latex]\rightarrow[/latex] [(+1) + (-1) sama dengan 0] + 0

In this equation, Cl is definitely reduced and replaces Bayerischer rundfunk, while Br is oxidized.

General formula (double displacement): AB & CD ‘ AD & CB

A double substitute reaction is just like a single replacement unit reaction, although involves replacing two components in the reactants with two in the products.

Sample 4. equation: Ideología2Umthree or more+ 6th HCl ‘ 2 FeCl3+ 3 H2O

From this equation, Ideología and H as well as O and Craigslist trade spots.

¡ Controversial Criminal Justice Issues

Who loves a little controversy in their exploration papers?

Controversial subject areas present two or moreopposite thoughtswhich discord in their proposed way to resolve some legal issue. Controversy is a catalyst forargument.

I do believe adding a controversial twist makes researching and more entertaining. You might possibly encounter matters you may find debatable in other sections of the guidebook. The following list presents prevalent controversial issues in lawbreaker justice.

  1. Treatment vs . reform.Is one more effective than the other? Make sure to go into details.
  2. Capital punishment/death penalty inside the justice system. Is it successful to prevent criminal offense? Justify the answer.
  3. Madness and the rules.Be sure to tackle insanity coming from a legal perspective.
  4. Police shootings:Research instances of police shootings is likely to country and try to find a common denominator of its causes.
  5. Rape tradition and the victim’s rights.Real truth rape culture and rasurado cases.
  6. Pornography as a kind of sexual physical violence.In your judgment, do you think it’s a form of intimate violence?
  7. Criminals being approved the right to work. A legal and human legal rights perspective.
  8. Carrying a hidden weapon. An explorative examine of cases of hidden weapons and criminal rules in various states.
  9. Research around the presence of racism in the current justice program.Give statistics and support your claims with good examples.
  10. Prison afeitado and assault.Cite statistics to make your quest more reliable.
  11. Restorative proper rights for offenders: How successful is regenerative justice?
  12. Adjustment and effectiveness of harassment laws.Draught beer effective enough to prevent it from taking place?
  13. A controversy surrounding the legalization of prostitution.An objective study that is exploring various points of views.
  14. Plea agreement/bargain.Include its types and process.
  15. Phony accusation.How could a person defend himself/herself?
  16. Planted ev >How could a person defend himself/herself from claims?
  17. The use or perhaps control of weapons:What we need to find out about firearm control in america.
  18. Is an eyewitness testimony effective?Argumentative research.
  19. War on drugs. Does it help treat the issue of medicines in one country?
  20. Overcriminalization and undercriminalization in the United States.Do these types of affect contemporary society?

Having not any right subject is ALRIGHT in criminal justice research. Every concern is supposed to have a strong analysis numerous cases attached.

Here what Homework Lab Geeks may do.

  1. Create alegal issue describeto include complicated details of national and point out legislation.
  2. Deliverinternational examplesand parallels to make your paper professional.
  3. Find appropriateSupreme and State Court casesand write summaries that are clear to understand.
  4. Correctlycite most recent academic contentfrom databases you don’t have access to.
  5. Nail thelegal memorando, jurisprudence taskor acapstone paperfor the short term.

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Combustion reactions always entail oxygen and an organic fuel. In the next image, we come across methane combusting to release strength.

Combustion reaction of methaneThis is one of a combustion reaction, a redox method. Methane ([latex]\text_4[/latex]), reacts with oxygen ([latex]\text_2[/latex]) to form carbon dioxide ([latex]\text_2[/latex]) and two drinking water molecules ([latex]2\text_2\text[/latex]).

The general formula of a combustable reaction is:

[latex]\text_x\text_y +\left( x & \dfrac<4>\right) \text_2 \rightarrow x \text_2 + \dfrac<2>\text_2\text[/latex]


Overleaf makes sure that you’re often up to date along with your collaborators and what they are performing. There is only a single expert version of every document which everyone has usage of. It’s impossible to produce conflicting alterations, and you need not wait for your colleagues to deliver you the most recent draft one which just keep doing work.

If multiple people desire to work on a file at the same time after that that’s no issue. You can see exactly where your co-workers are inputting directly in the editor and the changes show up on your screen quickly.

Work directly with your collaborators


Combo reactions combine elements to form a chemical mixture. As usual, oxidation and lowering occur jointly.

General equation: [latex]A + B \rightarrow AB[/latex]

The sum of oxidation claims in the reactants is corresponding to that inside the products: zero + 0 ‘ (2)(+1) + (-2)

In this equation, both They would2and Uma couple ofare the molecular forms of their particular respective components and therefore their oxidation claims are 0. The product is usually H2O: the oxidation point out is -2 for oxygen and plus1 for hydrogen.

Question Function: Clickable Graphic

TheClickable Imagequestion type displays an image and text. As the student moves the mouse over the image, various hot-spots are selected. The goal is to click the correct hot-spot.

To write a clickable image question you must first upload the image:

Insert the\setImageBasedirective near the top of your question bank TeX source file to specify the path to this location. For example, if your Maple T.A. >calculus205, plus your graphics folder is thechapter1folder of the Maple To. A. school web site, make use of the directive:

Note: The ultimate slash is definitely optional.

To incorporate your image file in to the question, make use of theclickableimageenvironment. The\begin command usually takes three arguments:

(i) The name of the image document.

(ii) The width from the image file in px.

(iii) The height of the graphic file in pixels.

To look for the width and height in the graphic, make use of a third-party design application (for example, Microsoft Paint).

To define the hotspots, use the\regionmacro. The argument towards the\regionmacro is a comma-delimited list of details, specifying the vertices in the clickable place.

The x and y-coordinates are tested from the uppr left spot of the graphical.

More than one\regioncommand can be utilized. Mark the proper region with an asterisk.

Note that\begin. \end must appear outs\qutext.

Note: The\setImageBasedirective has a global effect on your document. You can temporarily overr\ignoreImageBase. This macro takes no arguments. Its effect is local, so upon leaving the current group or environment, the image base will revert to its previous value.

¡ List of Basic Criminal Justice Topics

The following list contains common basic criminal justice topics for your research papers. Remember that this is only a general list topics for your research. These topics will give you a rough idea on where to begin your research paper.

If the topic isdark green, it means that we have a research paper or essay example on this topic. Feel free to check them.

  1. Sexual harassment in school or the workplace. Find out how the law punishes sexual offenders.
  2. Hate crime/bias crime towards a race or a religion. Give an example and research how offenders are sanctioned.
  3. Juvenile delinquency and crime prevention.You may opt to write a research paper about the said topic in a global or national perspective.
  4. Forgery.Research cases of fraud in schools, offices, or any institution and mention which aspect of the law is involved in preventing forgery.
  5. War crimes committed by the United States.Or choose any country you like with an extensive record of committing war crimes.
  6. Cases of police brutality.How can it be curbed?
  7. Unwarranted arrest and human rights.Study the relationship between the two.
  8. Cybercrime in the United States.A legal perspective.
  9. Hazing and gangs/youth gangs in the United States.How are they reformed?
  10. Domestic abuse.What are the rights of the victim? What are the laws involved?
  11. Relationship between crime and people with mental health illnesses.Provide an example
  12. What are the differences between murder and homic >Cite cases and how do they overlap?
  13. Rape/date rape.Research its characteristics and legal aspects; It is also best to define consent within the paper and narrate how victims seek legal assistance.
  14. How can marginalized communities have swift access to justice?Why is it essential for them to have access to justice?
  15. What is the importance of due process?Cite a legal case.
  16. Robbery. Write about the elements and types of robbery; add an example if you can.
  17. Arson and fire investigation.How do fire investigators find out if a fire was started deliberately or accidentally? Be sure to research the essential role of fire investigators.
  18. Substance abuse. You may focus your research on substance abuse in youth or adults.
  19. K >Report a case model.
  20. The inner functions of the legal justice the courtroom.Be sure to express its importance and objectives be while comprehensive since you can.

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Overleaf is used by above 3, 900, 000 pupils and teachers at a few, 600 organizations worldwide

Just want to say that I am really grateful to get Overleaf, it has enabled a slew of research and teaching development in my job that would had been annoyingly challenging before. Actually people who don’t know LaTeX are participating with me in research plans and that’s saying anything if you know what LaTeX is a lot like for the uninitiated. Thank you. And appreciate your the support!

Mentor James Good friend of the Medically Advanced Products Lab, University of California, San Diego

Ease of Use

You will find thousands of Themes in our design template gallery, therefore it is really easy to get going, whether most likely writing a journal document, thesis, CV or something more important.

There’s nothing challenging or hard for you to install, and you canstart using LaTeX at the moment, whether or not you’ve under no circumstances seen this before. Overleaf comes with a total, ready to go Acrylic environment which will runs on our computers.

With Overleaf you find the same LaTeX set-up anywhere you go. Simply by working with your colleagues and students upon Overleaf, solutions you’re not likely to hit any version incongruencies or package deal conflicts.

We all support just about all LaTeX features, including inserting images, bibliographies, equations, and many more! Read about all the exciting steps you can take with Overleaf in our LaTeX guides.

Rules for images

1 . In the event that referring to some of the artwork (sculpture, photograph, portrait, etc . ) and you arecertainly notincluding the image in your document, you only need to provide a thorough in-text quotation or footnote. See Artworks box for additional information.

2 . If you have sourced the image from the web or a published source:

a) Remarks Bibliography style: you need to are the publication details or web address in place of the institutional identity or location in the footnote. See Images from the web or Images from literature or additional published sources for more information.

b) Author Day style: it is advisable to include a quick in-text quotation AND a complete bibliography access. See Images from the web or Images from books or different published sources for more information.

3. If youhappen to beincluding a backup of the graphic in your doc, you need to have a figure caption. Discover Positioning photos in your text box for additional information.

DNA barcoding and taxonomy: dark taxa and dark texts

Philosophical Ventures in Biology on 08/01/2016


twotimes reported

The best features for contemporary research posting

Behind the editor and beautiful program, Authorea is definitely an incredibly highly effective platform. Here are some features that make it the most advanced tool out there pertaining to publishing your research outputs.

Host and Publish Data

Store and publish all your research outputs such as code, figures, notebook computers, and posters

Multiple Markup Languages

LaTeX, Markdown, Abundant text, Javascript: you can add many formats to a single record

Add new versions, roll again changes, and find out how a doc came together after some time

White ingredients label and custom made domains

Whether you operate a journal or a research group, you can customize the look and feel of the portal internet pages

Make your work citeable

Receive a digital object identifier (DOI) for anything you upload on Authorea. Use it to get credit rating for all your exploration outputs

Straight submit to journals. Associate your preprints with your target journals.

Authorea shops the entire history of a document using Git, an advanced edition control program

Start from templates intended for leading meetings, institutions, and journals

Highly effective document publish

Upload and host any filetype. Convert documents from Word, PDF, and Acrylic

Open Collaborative Review

Explore new ways to see review and improve your content

Insert equations using a useful equations manager or type in LaTeX

Discuss changes with collaborators in real time

Authorea’s support group is available by way of chat all week

Add abundant media to your research files to make all of them come alive on the internet

Integrations with Jupyter, Plotly, and more

Distribute your data-driven interactive notebooks with Authorea

Advanced Foreign trade and Journal Styles

Export your work in just minutes to hundreds of different styles in PDF, Expression, LaTeX, or perhaps Zip

What individuals are saying

Authorea redefines how we publish, share and discuss clinical insights. inches

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Authorea reaches the forefront of the available science movements. I use it for all my personal papers, since it allows me to produce my analysis accessible in the initial drafting stage completely to post syndication.

D.reese Irving | Climate Science tecnistions

CSIRO Seas and Atmosphere

I prefer Authorea to MS Expression for posting and getting feedback on my paperwork, entering info, and format for periodicals. I especially love version control with git and syncing with GitHub.

Anisha Keshavan | PhD Brain The image

Authorea is the scientific composing tool that finally links the space between computational and non-computational people. The things i like most is a reference supervisor and the capacity to choose between latex, markdown and WYSIWYG every paragraph.

Johannes K| Group Leader

University or college of Duisburg-Essen

I love Git and this seems like the closest factor to type controlled daily news editing I can ever get my expert to sign up intended for.

Chip Crawford | Postdoc

Washington dc Academy of Sciences

Writing research paperwork has just gone sexy! inches

Majdid Bessoul | Master’s student

UniversitPierre ou Marie Curie

What I like the most about Authorea is how easy it is to put references with the particular format that meets your focus on journal. inch

Cristina Lois | PhD

Authorea is usually an innovative writing solution that is certainly revolutionizing how authors work together, share and write technological works. Each of our Library is usually happy to recruit such a helpful remedy for the city.

Frank Erdmann | Head Librarian

Harvard-Smithsonian Middle for Astrophysics

After an easy test with Authorea, I’ve been won more than other tools because Authorea puts focus on collaboration and structured, visible editing.

Alex Wagner | Postdoc

¡ Criminology Research Proposal Topics

The topics I enumerated earlier can be used for criminology research proposal papers. However, I will be introducing another batch of topics to give you more ideas for your papers.

  1. An analytical research paper on the relationship between crime and aggression.
  2. Internet and mental health issues (Ex: suic >. It’s best to structure this topic as a case study.
  3. The relationship between violence and mental health. Another topic for you to explore, and cite an example if possible.
  4. The use of torture and other forms of violence to criminals.Begin with the history of torture and mention why it violates human rights.
  5. The val >It’s a critique of the said theory
  6. Assault and offense:Is it a product of character or nurture? Or equally?
  7. Does evaluating criminal habit reduce the incident of crimes?Support your arguments with academic options.
  8. Trends in the criminology field.Compare and contrast the existing trends in criminology with this of the past.
  9. Feminist criminology.Write about their basis, limits, theories, and critiques.
  10. Dysfunctional families and crime. Is actually the fundamental cause of offences? Justify the argument.

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