Essay writing help: main points

Essay - a prose essay and a small amount of free composition, which expresses the individual for a particular occasion or issue impressions and considerations and certainly not claiming to be exhaustive or decisive treatment of the subject.

Some signs of an essay

Essay - a special kind of written work, which requires special knowledge and skills. In order to understand how to write essays well, first of all should be familiar with the basic characteristics of the genre. The main symptoms of the essays include:

  • presence of a particular subject or issue.
  • essay expresses personal experiences and views on a specific issue or topic.
  • essay suggests a subjective text about anything.
  • the content of the essays are evaluated in the first place the author's identity.

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as creative thinking and self-written statement of own thoughts. The man, who knows how to write an essay correctly, is able to express his ideas clearly and effectively and wisely arrange it in writing.

Writing essays is extremely helpful, as it gives the author an opportunity to know how to formulate thoughts clearly and correctly, organize information, use the basic concepts to highlight causal relationships, illustrated by the experience of relevant examples, substantiate their findings.

The structure and plan an essay

First of all, if you need an essay writing help, you should pay attention how to build the text in this genre. The structure of the essay is determined by the demands placed on them:

  • thoughts of the author of essay on the problem set out in the form of short abstracts.
  • thought should be supported by evidence - so for a thesis followed by arguments.

Arguments - are facts of social life phenomena, events, life situations and life experience, the scientific evidence, the reference to the opinion of scientists, etc. It is better to give 2 pros in favor of each thesis, 1 point seems unconvincing, and 3 arguments can overload presentation, configured in the genre-oriented brevity and imagery.

When writing an essay it is also important to consider the following points:

  • introduction and conclusion should be to focus on the problem;
  • should be allocated paragraphs, the red lines, the establishment of a logical link paragraphs;
  • the style: an essay inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistry.

Classification essay

It should be noted that the essay may be classified and divided into several groups according to the most diverse parameters.

In terms of the content of the essay are philosophical, literary-critical, historical, artistic, journalistic, artistic, spiritual, religious and others.

According to the literary form of essays appear in the form of reviews, lyrical miniatures, notes, and pages from diaries, letters, and others.

There are also descriptive, narrative, reflexive, critical, analytical, and other essays.

Finally, the classification essay into two large groups:

  • personal, subjective essay, where the main element is the disclosure of a party of the author's personality,
  • essays objective where personal principle is subject to the object description.

Terms of essay writing

From the formal rules of essay writing can only be called one thing - the presence of a header. Title - this is the main way to express the basic idea and the idea of the text. The original title can not only convey information, but also to attract attention, to intrigue the reader.

Start with the main idea or colorful phrases. The task is to capture the reader's attention immediately (the listener). It is often used to compare the allegory, when an unexpected event or an event associated with the main theme of the essay.

The internal structure of an essay can be arbitrary. Since this small form writing operation, the repetition is not required at the end terminals is required, they can be incorporated into the main body or header.

The argument may be preceded by the statement of the problem. The formulation of the problem may coincide with the final withdrawal.

Errors when writing essays

Writing essays, in fact, is not such a simple matter, how it might seem at first glance. Most people who face with the need to write an essay, underestimate the complexity of this type of work, and make a series of blunders. In order for you to avoid such problems, we recommend you to read some of the most common errors.

Essay writing is not limited in time, you can copy it many times, ask friends to read your essay. Take advantage of all possibilities and try to avoid common mistakes.

Do not think that you can skip the checking of spelling. Re-read the paper and be convinced that there are not any ambiguous phrases with failed revolutions.

Writing an interesting essay, try to use some examples that will help you to illustrate the allegations. For the essay, it is characterized by the usual clichés.

Essays are limited to a certain number of words, so you need to dispose of this amount is reasonable. Sometimes you need to give up some details or ideas, especially if you have already spoken about them or they are not closely related to the topic. Such things only distract the reader's attention and overshadow the main theme of the essay.

Long sentence does not prove the correctness of the writer, and short one often produces a stronger effect. Best of all, when the essay consists of long phrases interspersed with short. Try to read the essay aloud. If you feel that you have breath, break the section into smaller paragraphs.

When you have finished writing an essay, do this exercise. Give each paragraph of the letter: or S (short), or M (medium), or L (long). S - at least 10 words, M - at least 20 words, L - 20 or more words.

Proper essay has the following or a similar order of the letters - M S M L M S.

Incorrect essay describes a sequence of letters - S S S M L L L.

Of great importance is his first test version when writing essays. When writing a draft of your main task is to develop arguments to modify the basic ideas and arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc.

When checking the essay, first of all, pay attention to inheriting the important points. First of all, it is important to remember that the essay - a genre of subjective evaluation and therefore it can be subjective. No matter what question you answer, you have to achieve certain goals.

Essays are also designed to test your ability to express thoughts on paper and your writing skills. Poorly written (represented) the essay will not show you as an intelligent man with a bright personality. But normally, thinking on how to write an essay, we can forget about that fact.


Everything that you write in the essay, you must confirm the examples make reference to my experience. Details will make your essay interesting, unique and specific.

According to experts, those who write essays do not be afraid that they will go beyond the permissible, it is better to be yourself.

You do not have to joke in his essays, to make them interesting. However, try to use all means available to make your essay remember.

Teachers love these essays are read - a pleasure. Make sure that your essay easy to read. Pay it a little more time: check whether you’re consistent thoughts, whether they lead to a logical conclusion threads. That is a very important point that will help to succeed in your work.

Humor - a great tool, but use it wisely. Sarcastic or defiant tone is often annoying. This humor - the art, it is a sign of good taste. So, if you decided to use such a tool you should be really careful and attentive in order not to make things worse.

Difficulties in writing an essay

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